About Us

Our Mission

To restore marine habitat, water quality, and native species in Puget Sound through tangible, on-the-ground projects.

Our Goal

To mobilize funding and support from diverse sources to complete priority projects.

Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF) is a Washington-based nonprofit organization. Founded in 1997, PSRF is dedicated exclusively to restoring marine habitat, water quality and native species in Puget Sound. Working collaboratively with industry, tribes, government agencies, private landowners and community groups, PSRF takes a non-activist, project-oriented approach to restoration. As an organization, PSRF is committed to a vision of a clean and healthy Sound that is productive, full of life and capable of sustaining us.

Project results

  • Restored 575 acres in Drayton Harbor to conditional shellfish harvest
  • Helped restore 240 acres in Henderson Inlet to Approved shellfish harvesting
  • Planted 10 million native oyster seed at 80 sites with over 100 partners
  • Enhanced 30 acres of native oyster habitat with either shell or seed
  • Launched 3 Community Shellfish Farms to improve water quality, restore productive shellfish growing areas and reconnect people to healthy marine resources
  • Conducted pilot larval abalone outplant to help recover pinto abalone populations
  • Raised and outplanted over 3,000 juvenile abalone in Washington State's first restoration outplant of pinto abalone
  • Began monitoring the potential impacts of ocean acidification on shellfish communities
  • Revegetated 5 acres of streambank along Shinglemill Creek on Vashon Island
  • Renewed access to 2 ½ miles of spawning habitat on Bainbridge Island
  • Restored 3 acres of riparian habitat in Manzanita Creek
  • Restored 2.6 acres of intertidal habitat in Liberty Bay by removing derelict gear
  • Recreated 2 acres of wetlands at Paramount Park in Shoreline
  • Improved salmon habitat in Miller Creek, Normandy Park
  • Revegetated 2 acres of riparian habitat in Griffin Creek in King County
  • Created a ¾ mile shoreline trail overlooking Mud Bay in Olympia
  • Built 3 bridges to link 2.5 miles of trail at Meadowbrook Farm in King County
  • Planted 100,000 Pacific oysters in Eagle Harbor to mitigate nutrient pollution
  • Replaced a culvert in Puget Creek, Tacoma to renew salmon access
  • Constructed a rearing channel in Newaukum Creek
  • Installed 60 shellfish gardens to connect people to the health of local waters
  • Initiated a nutrient mitigation project on Vashon Island using mussels to remove excess nitrogen
  • Collaborated on an economic assessment of shellfish production & restoration in Puget Sound
  • Conducted experimental kelp outplants at 3 sites


  • Local Hero Award, Governor Locke, 2003
  • Native oyster project showcased at White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation, 2005
  • Environmental Excellence Award, Washington State Department of Ecology, 2005
  • Excellence in Restoration Award, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, 2006

PSRF works throughout the Puget Sound. Click on the points on the map below to learn more about each specific project:

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