Shellfish Seed Sale

We sold 83,000 oyster seeds to 80 shellfish gardeners this year!

The 2012 PSRF Shellfish Seed Sale was partially funded by a grant from Puget Sound Energy – thank you!

To prevent the spread of invasive species, diseases, and parasites, shellfish gardeners should only plant shellfish species that are:

  • Approved for introduction into the wild by Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife;
  • Produced by approved seed suppliers in Puget Sound; and
  • Certified as disease-free.

The seed that Puget Sound Restoration Fund sells at its annual Seed Sale meets all of the criteria listed above.
DO NOT buy shellfish off the internet for your shellfish gardens.
DO NOT go to the grocery store and buy shellfish and then add it to your garden.  Many of the shellfish species sold at grocery stores are produced in other countries and regions.  These species are often prohibited and may be invasive in Puget Sound.