Garden of the Salish Sea Additional Education Resources

Additional Shellfish, Marine Resource and Related Learning Information



  • Florida Pacific University 2010 Ocean Science Lecture Series, Dr Susan Larrimore-Oysters Got the Blues: Emerging Bivalve Diseases and Climate Patterns. You Tube.  The first fifteen minutes is a great overview.


  • Leaping Frog Films, "Restoration Gone Wild" Film Series. A collection of environmental stories focusing on wildlife habitat restoration and native species recovery programs including Restoration of the Olympia Oyster and Restoration of the Pinto Abalone. Video sales and rental.



  • Man and Mollusk - Internet Resource Site for Students, Educators, and anyone wanting to learn more about the fascinating world of the Mollusc / Mollusk.







  • The Shape of Life: The Story of the Animal Kingdom. Share with students one of the greatest stories of all time - How did animal life evolve on planet earth? http://www.